All Alien Artifacts for Kymera styles in Fortnite week 3

Week 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is different from the previous ones, because this week we haven’t 5, but 4 alien artifacts. At least, all the content creators are talking about it, including us and the data miners who track all the updates in the game.

To claim all artifacts, you will need to fly to Slurpy Swamp, Boney Burbs, Coral Castle, and Craggy Cliffs. They are all located over your head, so in some places you will need to build.

Here’s the week 3 Alien Artifacts map:

And here are all the Alien Artifacts from both week 3 and weeks 1-2 of Fortnite:

And here are all the Alien Artifacts at their in-game locations:


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