All rewards for the concert by Ariana Grande

Several days are left before the first concert by Ariana Grande in Fortnite, and this means we need to know what players will see at the event and which rewards will they get for watching it.

This time for this event we can get a lot of rewards, although they are not related to the concert as, for example, it was at the concert by Travis Scott. At that time, for completing challenges and visiting the concert, we could get a loading screen, a spray, a banner, an emote and a glider. This time, the awards are not themed, however, they are free.

Rewards for challenges

For completing 3 challenges from the Rift Tour tab, you can get a loading screen, a spray and an emoticon. The challenges are simple, you can see that the guide for completing these challenges is already available on our website.

The challenges will be available until August 8, so hurry up if you want to get rewards, which are at least somehow related to Ariana Grande’s concert.

Rewards for visiting the event

For visiting any concert of the singer, players will get the Cuddly Cloudcruiser. It’s pleasant, but it’s unclear how this is related to Ariana Grande. In any case, an umbrella is a rare reward, so if the uniqueness of the items is important for you, select a time to watch the concert.

Rewards for Fortnite Crew members

Fortnite Crew members get more rewards for watching the concert by Ariana Grande. Every active member can run the game at any time from August 5 at 6 AM UTC to August 9 6 AM UTC and get the Rainbow Cloudcruiser Umbrella, the Skye up High loading screen, and a themed banner.

An “active” member is a player whose subscription is active on August 5.

Rewards for Samsung owners

The English version of the Galaxy Store says: “Install Fortnite in the Galaxy Store and attend the Rift Tour between Aug 6th-8th to receive the exclusive Rifted Spray!” Epic Games has yet to comment on this situation, but if this statement is present in the Galaxy Store, then the data is true.

We don’t have an image of the spray yet.


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