Boom Box in Fortnite

Boom Box in Fortnite

Today, December 30, 2018, a new item was added to Fortnite. Boom box is a good old tape recorder that makes sounds that can break down any buildings, but does not cause damage to players. Excellent decision against players who build very well and it is too difficult for you to fight with them.

Boombox Description:

  • Activate the device – it will emit powerful waves of music and cause damage to enemy buildings even in the far distance!
  • Sound waves destroy all walls built in the range of the boombox.
  • Shoot the boombox to disable it.
  • The device does not cause damage to players.
  • The boombox can be installed on vehicles and driving around objects you will destroy them.
  • In rare cases, can break transport

As a result, we got an object that the shooters will like and ruin the lives of the builders a little. However, the latter will not suffer much, because it’s pretty easy to leave the boombox area, exposing the wall in front of the shooting enemy. Although the wall is destroyed by the tape recorder, it manages to absorb the bullet damage. It is possible that the next challenge “14 days fortnite” will be associated with this item.

We recorded a small video so that you know what you will encounter:


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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