Leaker HYPEX got banned in Fortnite

Recently, Fortnite more and more often bans those who, in their essence, do not deserve a ban. In the final of the FNCS, several pro gamers got banned, and now, HYPEX is also got banned in Fortnite.

Today something happened that we could not even think of – one of the main leakers, HYPEX, was banned in Fortnite, and the indicated reason turned out to be painfully strange. As he reports on Twitter account, the reason for the ban is “Account Transferring”. He used a friend’s account in 2018, for which he received a permanent ban only now.

If you are a regular gamer and news lover, then you probably know that HYPEX has been working on the game and supporting it for 3 years. He was one of the earliest leakers to delight players with pre-release content and create buzz around the game by boosting sales. Someone who, but this author, did not deserve such an attitude towards himself.

In general, among ordinary players there was, and maybe even now, the practice of exchanging accounts for the same help with difficult challenges was popular, and after all, no one was banned for this. Most likely, the real reason for the ban lies in something else, which is inaccessible to us, and probably to Hypex.


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