Bounce A Giant Beach Ball In Different Matches – 14 Days Of Summer

As you can see, Giant Beach Balls appeared on the Fortnite map, which are very similar to toys from season 5, but huge. You can interact with them just by approaching and pushing. They bounce off the player and we play a game very similar to volleyball.

Our goal today is to play these balls and push them with a player. Choose at the beginning of deserted areas so that you will not be killed on the way to the ball. Very often, the players camp in such places and something is simply impossible to accomplish. Therefore, locations either along the way or remote ones are ideal for performing this challenge.

You need to bounce a ball in 5 different matches. The location of the balls we indicated on the map below:

Bounce A Giant Beach Ball In Different Matches

Just know, the rebound of the ball from the weapon does not count.

As a reward, we get a oading screen with a beautiful image of the party.

Reward: Loading screen

6 300x150 - Bounce A Giant Beach Ball In Different Matches - 14 Days Of Summer


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