Catalyst  Catalyst outfit is obtained at Battle Pass level 1. It is a female version of Drift from Season 5 of Fortnite. Like all skins for Battle Pass, Catalyst has its own line of quests and challenges, thanks to which the appearance of the heroine can be modified. There are 4 styles and 3 colors in total. Now we will analyze them in more detail. Let’s start with the styles.

TypeRarity Reach SetRelease
OutfitLegendaryTier 1 (Season 10) Drift 7.31.2019


Catalyst outfit styles

Short sleeve style

The initial style, which is available immediately, without going through the quest branch. Before us is a young girl in sportswear. She is dressed in a top with an avant-garde pattern and in sweatpants to the lower leg, which is decorated with a beautiful belt, similar to a belt for a kimono. Of course, Catalyst skin was shod in stylish sports sneakers for jogging, and in the hands of a young athlete gloves. Where without anonymity: the girl’s face is partially hidden by a mask. Stylish and large triangular earrings in the ears. I would also like to mention Catalyst’s hairstyle: smoothly shaved sides and long hair that are always painted in bright colors (depending on the color of the skin itself).

Hoodie style

Catalyst outfit changes her topic with an avant-garde pattern to a long-sleeve T-shirt with a line at the seam of the sleeve (exception: black), and a sleeveless sweatshirt is put on top of the shirt. This time, Catalyst approached the issue of confidentiality with great responsibility: the face completely hides the Kitsune mask (this animal can be obtained as a pet on its back at the Battle Pass level 28), and the rest of the head is hidden from prying eyes by a hood. The differences with 1 style end there.

Overcoat style

It differs from 2 styles, as you might guess, by the presence of a coat of impressive size. The same avant-garde pattern as on the top with 1 style, but already on a large surface. True, a beautiful Japanese character flaunts on the back. By going through the line of quests “Ride”, you can get an ornament on the back that repeats the character on Catalyst ’s back. As the description of the jewelry says, it’s a symbol of calm. We can assume that this character on Catalyst’s back also means calm.

Overcharged style

This style is an reward for level 55. The main difference from the 3 styles is the addition of a raging substance to the line of the animation pattern and sparks around Tanuki herself.

Catalyst outfit colors

Black color

Available immediately. As you might guess, Catalyst ’s robe will always be black, and her avant-garde pattern will always be the same color — steel.
I want to note separately two nuances – hair color 1 style and animation color 4 styles. That hair, that the animation will be purple, and the animation will still shimmer with bright pink. Another color is unique (if at all it can be called uniqueness) in that Catalyst outfit is always dressed in sleeveless overalls (this can be understood by the closed lower legs in all styles and the closed belly in 1 style). This feature is not very noticeable and will not bring you any special joy.

Riftstorm color

To get this color, you must complete prestige “Road trip” challenges. This color transforms Catalyst outfit into a true Drift – a black background with a pattern made in yellow and pink colors. Canonical Japan! Animation color 4 styles does not differ in color with black.

Snowstorm color

And this color is the main reward in the “Worlds Collide” challenges. The whole Catalyst skin is made in white and bright blue colors, a wider variety of colors in avant-garde patterns andthe most beautiful color of animations in 4 styles make this color the most popular among players.


Alter the paradigm.

PNG pictures

High-quality images of Catalyst outfit in a PNG format with a transparent background, so that you use them as you see fit (wallpapers, YouTube, etc.):



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