Collect a vase of flowers from Lazy Lake – week 11 legendary challenge

Flowers are a great way to both get some attention and get beaten by someone who grew them if you decide to steal them from some gardener for some reason. In any case, ready up to go to Lazy Lake and collect a vase of flowers without getting beaten by the flower’s owner.

To collect the vase and enjoy the look of the flowers, you need to go to the house where Marigold lives. You will find the vase next to her house with a pool.

And if this place isn’t for you, you can choose another one. For example, there’s another vase in the central building, which has a car sale inside. There also was a sports car on the rock outside, but this spawn point was removed by the developers.

To collect a vase of flowers from Lazy Lake, just interact with it when you find one.

You can find other Chapter 2 Season 7 legendary challenge guides here, once the guides for them are out.


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