Complete a Lap of a Desert, Snowy, Glasslands Race Tracks

Race tracks are far from the rings that can be found in the north of the Paradise Palms (after all, it’s the only one there). For the most part, these are small racing tracks that can be found in the desert, in the snow and on glasslands. All of them have a different shape and in order to pass them, different transport is needed.

Complete a lap of a desert race track

We have known the desert highway for a long time, every now and then a test with it appears in the battle pass. To complete this challenge, select a quadcrasher and start a circle. Semicircles over the track will not allow you to turn in the wrong direction.

Complete a lap of a snowy race track

The circle in the snow road is located at the Happy Hamlet. In order to drive it safely, find the ballers and enjoy rolling.

Complete a lap of a glasslands race track

Pasture is a complex hint. If they did not know where the track was originally, they would not have found it. This race track can be found at the Junk Junction. To pass it, you need a driftboards.

Map with each race track:

Map of transport spawn:

Map of transport spawn


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