Condo Canyon

Condo Canyon

Condo Canyon is a desert location on the Chapter 3 Fortnite map, which appeared on the new Chapter 3 island. It can be found east from Chonkers Speedway.

Condo Canyon is located next to Chonkers Speedway, and it’s also located in the desert biome, which is new to the Chapter 3 Fortnite map. This place actually has a condo called Classy Condos with a big pool, a gym and palms. The rooms are also great – each one has nice interiors, they’re clean, and, of course, there are a lot of chests and loot.

The nearby street has Knepley’s Pawn shop that sells TVs, chairs, grills and everything else you might need for a good vacation. The utility room also has images of the Chapter 2 map.

Next to the shop, you can find Canyon Plaza – a group of small stores in one nice place. There’s also a strange basketball near the entrance. Among the shops are a small version of NOMS, Big Shots, the Keyboard King computer club and the well-known ice cream shop. The second floor has an office and a pool hall.

The location has a lot of cacti and palms, a bus stop, a phone booth, and a hotdog cart. A lot of the doors here have combination locks.


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