Cosmic Summer challenges part one – Bio’s Zone Wars Trio

New Cosmic Summer challenges have been added to Fortnite. These challenges need you to play a certain map in Fortnite Creative – Bio’s Zone Wars Trio. By completing them, you can get some cool free rewards, so don’t miss this opportunity! But first, let’s talk about the game mode in which you need to complete these challenges.

To complete any of the challenges, you need to go to the Bio’s Zone Wars Trio map in Fortnite Creative mode. You can find it in the selection of modes or by the map code: 4059-2791-0712

Here are the rewards for these challenges:

  • Cloud Llama Board glider
  • Banner
  • Firecracker contrail
  • Brain Freeze back bling

Deal damage to players in Bio’s Zone Wars Trio

To complete this challenge, just shoot at everything that moves. And don’t forget about sniper rifles, they will help you complete this challenge. You can find all weapons in the starting locations by opening chests.

Get headshot eliminations in Bio’s Zone Wars Trio

While you are killing opponents, watch your aim, especially if it’s a sniper rifle. Every headshot kill will help you complete this challenge. Don’t forget that you also need to finish your opponent in the head.

Gain Health or Apply Shields in Bio’s Zone Wars Trio

To complete this challenge, I recommend sitting in the storm and using floppers, bandages and med kits that you can find in the starting chests. Yes, you will ruin the game for your teammates, but you will complete this challenge faster than just playing.

Assist teammates with eliminations in Bio’s Zone Wars Trio

This challenge is the last in this block, and it requires teamwork. You and your teammate need to shoot at the same opponents. If each of you deal damage before the opponent is killed, you will progress in the challenge.


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