Cosmic Summer challenges part two – Pro 100 game mode

Week 2 of Fortnite Cosmic Summer challenges came out, and you need to complete them in a new Creative game mode called Pro 100. For completing the challenges you will get a lobby music pack, a style for a back bling and a style for a glider. The map codes are 1234-3424-1388 or 3424-1388-0947.

Since the in-game modes are changing very lazily, I think pointing out the map will guide you. To use it, choose the Creative game mode and click Discover. Enter the map code and start the game.

If you are completing the Cosmic Summer challenges not on the release day, then probably, this game mode has appeared on the game mode list that you can find in the main menu of Fortnite. Entering a code isn’t required in this case.

Spend coins to buy items at the vending machine in Pro 100

As you start the game, in the right bottom corner, you can see gold coin icons. You need to collect them to buy something from a vending machine. For every kill you get 50 coins, the cheapest thing can be bought for 150 coins. Mathematical calculations show, that for 1 purchase you need to do 3 kills, or more. Considering that you need to buy more than 1 gun, enjoy the game mode.

Deal damage to players with a rocket launcher in Pro 100

To deal damage with a Rocket Launcher, you need to buy it. It costs 360 gold, and deals good damage. If you buy it, I recommend to bounce on the tires, to kill enemies before they kill you.

Revive teammates in Pro 100

The Reviving challenge is quite hard because pretty many players leave from the match, and other players just press Respawn themselves. Chances to revive are vanishing, and it takes a lot of time, the enemy won’t wait, while you are reviving your friend. I recommend waiting a couple of days, so the players will be more interested in completing this challenge.

There’s another way to complete this challenge. Just get a teammate (or find one in a match) and wait until everyone leaves the game. Then you will be able to blow yourself up with a rocket launcher, letting your teammate revive you and progress the challenge. If you don’t have any friends playing Fortnite, you can just wait until everyone besides one of your teammates leaves the Pro 100 match and try to complete this challenge together.


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