Dance for three seconds at Crackshot’s Cabin and Sgt. Winter’s Workshop – Winterfest 2021 challenge

Winterfest 2021 challenges are still going, and today’s challenge needs us to dance for three seconds at Crackshot’s Cabin and Sgt. Winter’s Workshop. XP and rewards are definitely worth it, so let’s first meet these two landmarks that we need to visit to complete this challenge.

Dance for three seconds at Crackshot's Cabin and Sgt. Winter's Workshop - Winterfest 2021 challenge

You can start at any location you like because both of them has vehicles that allow you to travel to the second one fast.

Crackshot’s Cabin is a small house next to Logjam Lumberyard and a lake. It has a painting with the house’s owner, a Christmas tree with a llama and a few chests. To complete the challenge, just break into the Crackshot’s Cabin and dance for three seconds. And if you don’t want to leave the game, there are a few chests for you to loot.

Sgt. Winter’s Workshop is much more interesting, at least because no one knows where it is. The workshop is a modified gas station west from the Lumberyard. Just land there, enter the building and start dancing. And if you survive, you can find a few cars nearby if you choose to continue playing.

The reward for completing this challenge is some XP. The order of rewards is listed HERE.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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