Fortnite cars – all the information known yet

All of us have seen the trailer of Season 3 Chapter 2, and pretty much everyone has noticed the new vehicles – cars. Unfortunately, after the update got released, we didn’t find any cars in Fortnite. We’ve been breaking them for a really long time just to get some resources, but this Season we finally will be able to drive some of them, but just a bit later.

Epic Games have actually approved that the water level will decrease through the season, so it’s fair to wait for cars to appear in the game because soon we’ll probably have enough space for them to exist and be useful.

Some Fortnite cars are already in the game’s files, so we know what to expect. First, Fortnite’s world isn’t realistic, but it’s also not that fantastic, so cars will need fuel for you to drive them. You’ll be able to find the fuel canisters at gas stations, as well as somewhere else. It will be stored in your inventory just like ammo, not occupying any space.

According to what FortTory says, cars will spawn with a random amount of fuel in them. You can get a full car as well as a nearly empty one.

Dataminers found 4 different types of cars in the game’s files: small, medium, large, and trucks. Every one of them has a maximum of 100 fuel, except trucks, which have 150. The small car’s durability is 800 HP, the medium one is 1000 HP, the large one is 1200 HP. There’s no information about trucks’ durability yet.

The number of fortnite cars changes with each game. The minimum is 1 car, and the maximum is 10 cars. According to FortTory, the number of cars spawning may increase as the water level decreases.

It would be cool to see the new vehicles in the game if they are really adding them. It would be fun to drive into a squad or maybe even a boss on a huge truck, but definitely not for those who are being driven in.


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