DC x Fortnite comic with codes to get skins

Today, on February 26, the data miners found some interesting details that tell about Fortnite x DC comic. There are many cool ins and outs behind these details, so have a nice reading!

Yes, this article’s title is not to deceive you, Fortnite will have its own comic series soon, which will be produced together with DC. You can see the first posters right below.

Batman / Fortnite Zero Point Comic

The comic will be up on April 20, 2021 and will be paid. The plot will be around Batman, who does not understand who, what and where he is. Soon he will meet some Fortnite characters such as Renegade Raider, Fishstick, Bandolier and others.

Batman / Fortnite Zero Point comic will have 6 issues, with each issue having a redeemable code that will allow you to receive free Fortnite gifts.

Skins for reading the Fortnite x DC comic

Talking about gifts, there are two methods to receive them for now:

1. After purchasing the first episode of the comic, you will receive a code, which will give you Harley Quinn skin in a new outfit (yeah, she is dressed up and ready to beat everyone in a row). Note that it will be a new skin, not a style.

DC x Fortnite comic with codes to get skins

2. Also, if you collect 6 codes (by buying all 6 issues), you can get the armored Batman skin for free. It is clear that its free condition is questionable, because most of the players will buy the comic only for skins, not for actually reading it.

(There is no skin image yet, but the figure on the picture is approximate view)

DC x Fortnite comic with codes to get skins

Fortnite series price

Unfortunately, this is where the good news ends, because we are moving on to the price of the comic. According to data miners, each episode of the comic will cost $4.99. For all 6 issues users will pay about $30.

The platform where it will be possible to buy Fortnite Comic is not yet known.


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