Destroy No Dancing signs – Fortnite Boogie Down Challenges

Destroy No Dancing signs – our favorite task, which was added as a prestigious mission in Fortnite Boogie Down Challenges.
This series will be available on September 5 at 16:00. Simple buildings can be passed in an instant, but prestigious ones, as usual, will be unlocked by a few.

At the beginning of the season, stop signs were destroyed, and now we destroy no dancing signs. These signs have been in the game for a very long time, even during season 5 we went through a similar challenge. But the map has changed, and we have prepared a new map with the location of the No Dancing signs.

Fortnite No Dancing sings map:

800x800 - Destroy No Dancing signs - Fortnite Boogie Down Challenges

We fly to one of the points and destroy the sign. Remember that signs that were destroyed by other players are not available to you. The challenge is on the prestigious list, so many players will not get to it right away. So there should not be serious competition, however, be prepared for the fact that passing the “Destroy No Dancing signs” mission may take more than one game.



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