Dinosaur eggs started to crack in Fortnite

Dinosaurs! Dinosaurs are on their way to Fortnite – the dinosaur eggs found in the Rex’s lair are covered with cracks, and someone is about to hatch from them.

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According to the data leaked by Fortnite dataminers, these mysterious dinosaur eggs will hatch into real dinosaurs, possibly velociraptors. They will overwhelm forests and keep in fear not only NPCs, but also players.

You should not be afraid of them. These are just raptors, not some T-Rex or other huge dinosaurs. It will not take much time to deal with them. In addition, you can use all your savvy to tame these cutest creatures.

More important is that these eggs do not hatch into giant chickens or turtles. Yes, it will be quite funny, but not so much.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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