Eat food in a single match – Winterfest 2021 challenge

The Chapter 3 Season 1 map doesn’t have as much food as you’d think. We don’t have a huge farm with a huge amount of consumables, and we only have some small gardens left. You need to eat 5 food items in a single match without dying, so there might be another option that won’t make you search for a garden or a field.

Fortunately, the map still has quite a lot of food boxes, which will help us out.

Eat food in a single match - Eat food in a single match - Winterfest 2021 challenge

First, there’s a lot of them, and second, each of them might have from 1 to 5 different fruit and vegetables. You need to only eat 5, so if you’re lucky, 1 box might be enough for you.

Here’s a map with all the food boxes (via

Just land at any spot you like, search for a food box, loot it and eat the food you got.

The reward for completing this challenge is some XP. The order of rewards is listed HERE.


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