Find Wolverine’s Trophy in Dirty Docks – Wolverine challenges guide

The third week of Wolverine challenges is here, which means that we’re halfway from getting the Wolverine outfit. This time we have an opportunity to get his back bling called Wolverine’s Trophy. And, of course, to get it, you will need to complete a challenge first.

To get the back bling, just go to the southern house in Dirty Docks, enter a small 1×1 room and break the wooden crate on a shelf. After it’s done, just grab the trophy and it will appear both on your back and in your locker.

But that’s not it yet: you can also get a style for Wolverine’s Trophy. Just equip the new back bling, go to Sentinel Graveyard and get on top of the Sentinel that doesn’t have a head. The back bling will start to glow, which means that the challenge is completed and you can use the new style.


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