Fishstick Loading Screen concept

On the eve of the 8th season, Epic Games is making more and more clues and hints about the future fate of Fortnite Island. Only one store scuba divers hints at the emergence of the water world. On the reddit, the concept of the boot screen with the Fishstick skin appeared and it seemed to us that this concept of the boot screen would perfectly fit into the new season and add smiles to the players’ faces.

Epic games are trying to fill the game, but some fan works make us cry out: “Wow!”. And even though we already have an animated Neon Lynx skin boot screen, the work of the reddit representative looks like a new level:

Commissioned Fishstick Loading Screen from r/FortNiteBR

On the splash screen with a length of 13 seconds, we can observe how the Fishstick eats a small sushin, and then sees that just a huge sushin is lying next to and his face appears puzzled. What is the reason for his expression – we do not know, maybe he is upset by the fact that he ate small sushin, instead of big, and perhaps he has other reasons.

Whether we can see this work in the game is unknown. But while the game has such talented fans – you can not worry about the future Fortnite.


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