Fortbyte 43: Accessible By Wearing The Nana Cape Back Bling Inside A Banana Stand Location Guide

So there appeared fortbyte 43, again connected with the Banana Stand. This time it is necessary not to cross the road, but to be inside the store.

To see the fortbyte, you must pre-set in the locker a cape (back bling) “The Nana Cape”, issued in the presence of Bunker Jonesy outfit at level 23 battle pass. If you do not, the byte will not be visible to you.

As soon as you put on a cape, speak at a place already familiar to us in the Neo Tilted:

To get fortbyte 43, enter the store and look near the sink on the first floor. If you are looking from the street, it will be enough just to break the fence.


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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