Fortbyte 53: Accessible By Helping To Raise The Disco Ball At An Abandoned Mountain Top Villans Lair Location Guide

Now one challenge with interaction with allies / enemies is more. If you suddenly forgot how the disco mode worked, it’s time to remember, because our current task is to raise the disco ball and fortbyte 53. And you can do it together dancing.

The disco ball we need is located in an abandoned house on a mountain, south of Haunted hills and northeast of Snobby Shores. In order not to get lost in the corridors, we advise you to land from the sea, below the white wall with the door. It is better to sit in the square arches – disco ball and fortbyte 53 will be next.

If you play without friends, perform this test right away, because after several days this place will become uninhabited again and no one can help you.


Lima Mike Foxtrot Alfa Oscar

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