Fortnite 22.40 update leaks – all the outfits and other cosmetics

The last update (22.40) of this Fortnite season is already live, which means that it’s the time to look at the skins. Let’s say in advance, there are quite a lot of skins in the update, but they probably won’t be for everyone.

Let’s start with the most unique item of the update – Camille:

There’s no information about the price and currency asked for this bundle, but it might become quite popular when it actually becomes available.

In anticipation of the FIFA 2022™ World Cup in Qatar, the game now has new football players outfits and a trophy. This time, however, they look more like the teams’ fans, and not like the players. As usual, the outfits and the trophy will be available in the item shop:

Fortnite 22.40 update leaks - all the outfits and other cosmetics

And if you think that you don’t need to participate in Epic Games’ surveys, here’s an interesting fact. The outfit below will be the next starter pack, and it came straight from the surveys. Even though it was added to Fortnite with the 22.40 update, it should become available in the game on week 1 or 2 of Chapter 4 Season 1.

The outfit for the Save the World bundle has also been updated. Judging by the preview, the skin will slightly resemble Powder back from Chapter 1 Season 7:

The PS Plus outfit will also get updated, and soon the subscribers will get this guy:

Below are all the bundles that will either get returned or added to the game. If you already have some of the items from one of them, you can get a nice discount:

And as usual, here are all the leaks within one image:


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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