Fortnite Bike locations in Season 2 Chapter 4

After the release of a new chapter on the island of Fortnite, a new type of transport appeared – bikes. A single iron horse will allow you not only to quickly move around the map, but also to fire at enemies without getting off it. You can even mine resources and use items on the go.

Fortnite Bike locations in Season 2 Chapter 4

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Fortnite Bikes have many advantages over cars, but they also have many disadvantages. The motorcycle is more mobile, faster and allows you to use things in your inventory, but it will not protect you from gunshots. You can find such a wonderful unit using the map below.

Where to find Bikes in Season 2 Chapter 4

Motorcycles in Chapter 4 Season 2 can be found both in large areas with names, and near lonely buildings. Most of them can be found in the autumn biome.

The map: