Fortnite Motorboats – all spawn locations

Motorboats have come to Fortnite in Chapter 2 Season 1. Since then, they are no more unique to the game, but they’re still pretty good vehicles. There’s much more water on the map now, so they became more universal since Season 3 started. Anyway, here you can see where to find the motorboats:

boatsmap 795x800 - Fortnite Motorboats - all spawn locations

motorboat - Fortnite Motorboats - all spawn locationsMotorboats in Fortnite are not just vehicles, but also a kind of weapon. Each boat has 800 HP and can shoot rockets that deal 35 damage. The rockets are infinite, so you can easily use them to break something. The boat can fit a whole squad of 4 people. By the way, the motorboat can also be used as a car, but it loses durability points while being on the ground. However, you still can see someone driving the motorboat on the ground like a car.


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