Fortnite Firefly Jar – Where To Find And How To Use

The first week of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 introduced a lot of new things and even some weapons, including a mysterious Firefly jar. The first time it appeared in the game was on June 23rd.

Where do you find it? Well, nowhere, because you can’t actually find it. To get the Firefly jar, you need to catch the fireflies, which can be found near water and trees. While being in a close range with them,  you’ll see a glow and hear a special sound.  Just get closer to it and collect the fireflies by pressing or holding the Interact button.

Now, once you have the fireflies, you can toss them into enemies. The jar works just like a Molotov cocktail, setting everything on fire in a small radius and dealing 40 damage with an impact hit. The burning buildings deal much less damage. It’s also a good alternative for the good old stink bomb.

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