Fortnite Find the Klombo: Secret Klombo Challenge

It turned out that our dear friends, who are very similar to Axo, are still on the island. Surprisingly, they were not sent to any Loop Cave and were not enslaved by the OP either. Fortnite Klombo all this time were sleeping sweetly under a layer of snow! How do I know this? Thanks to the Secret Klombo Challenge, the first Fortnite secret quest in Chapter 3.

Fortnite Find the Klombo: Secret Klombo Challenge

To complete the challenge, fly to three points in the north of the map. There you will find slides with snow that you need to step on. After that, you will receive a notification about passing the challenge “[Secret] Klombo-sized snow mounds”.

After competing the quest, you will receive 10,000 experience. This is not much, but this challenge can somehow entertain, because there is nothing special in the 20.10 update.


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