Fortnite Ghost Rider Сup

Fortnite Ghost Rider Сup  Tomorrow, on Novemer 4 the Ghost Rider Fortnite Cup will start. You will be able to get the Ghost Rider outfit and also his back bling, so it’s a great choice if you play good and want to get a free outfit.

The cup is for Trios, so you will need 2 friends to play. You won’t be able to fill your squad, so if you don’t have any friends or teammates and don’t want to find a squad before the cup, you won’t be able to play. Also, each member of your squad must have 2-factor Authentification enabled. IOS players also won’t be able to participate.

You can see all the information about the cup by opening the ‘Compete’ tab in the game. This way you will get all the information about the cup in your region.

If you play in the European region, you will need to place at top 800 or higher, and for Asia the mark is top 100 or higher. The points will be given this way:

  • Top 1: 25 points
  • Top 2: 10 points
  • Top 3-4: 5 points
  • Top 5-8: 3 points
  • Top 9-16: 1 point

There are also some more upcoming events in November:

  • Mystery Marvel Hero/Villain Cup (Duos) – November 11
  • Mystery Marvel Hero/Villain Cup (Duos) – November 18
  • $1Million Super Cup (Duos) – November 21


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