Fortnite Grappler Glove locations in Season 3 Chapter 3

The days of Spider-Man’s web shooters left mixed feelings among Fortnite players: someone played the arena and watched their endless nerfs, constantly getting upset, and someone enjoyed their existence in the main modes, constantly traveling around the map. In Season 3 Chapter 3, something similar awaits us, because the new Web Shooters have appeared in the game – the Grappler Glove item.

Fortnite Grappler Glove locations in Season 3 Chapter 3


The glove can attach itself to an object of your choice. The animation of the item is exactly like that of web shooters, and there are approximately the same number of shots. So where can you find the Grappler Glove item?

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Where to find Fortnite Grappler Glove

The Grappler Glove item appears in certain places on the Fortnite map: in the territory of small tents, which are partially decorated in pink. It is enough to fly to such a location and search the toolboxes.

Inside, there will be a Grappler. The shots depend on the mode in which you found the item. If you enter the arena, the item will have 10 shots, and if you enter the classic modes, then 30.

Fortnite Grappler Glove locations:

Now you know where to find Fortnite Grappler Glove.