Fortnite Jetpack item: locations and stats

You can hardly surprise an experienced player with Fortnite jetpacks: the last time they appeared on the map was several seasons ago, and even inside some creative maps they are given by default. But for beginners or players whose appearance took place only in the 15-16 fortnite season, jetpacks can be of interest and conquer.

Fortnite Jetpack item: locations and stats

Jetpacks are backpack-shaped devices for flying. As soon as the jetpack is in inventory, it is put on the back of the character, and with it, you can conquer the skies. Just be careful – the device may run out of fuel, or you may accidentally fly into something. In this case, you will fall and most likely die.

While using Fortnite Jetpack item in Chapter 3 Season 2, you can both fly and aim.

Where to find Fortnite Jetpack

Jetpacks can be found in IO Blimp (excepting the Daily Bugle). And they, in turn, are marked on the map with a corresponding figure.


Just land on any IO Blimp and carefully look at the walls. Usually, jetpacks hang near the exits.


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