Fortnite Season 3 first teaser

It seemed that after the moving of season 13 we were no longer waiting for any new news about Fortnite, but the Play Station store decided to please us and add leaks before the Fortnite Season 3 release.

Fortnite Season 3 leaked first teaser 1 800x450 - Fortnite Season 3 first teaser

Today on the PS Store, the Fortnite game logo has suddenly changed. This time, a bus appeared on the cover that flies over the sea or ocean. At the same time, if you look closely, you can see the island in the distance. This is what the Fortnite Season 3 teaser looks like:

Fortnite Season 3 leaked first teaser 2 800x581 - Fortnite Season 3 first teaser

Many immediately remembered the trailer, which was in Fortnite Season 8. But as we all understand, before the release of teasers, and even before the season itself, it is difficult to confirm or deny something, however, thoughts about the flood seem more and more real.



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