Fortnite Season 9 Birthday challenges – Cheat Sheets, Tips, Rewards and more

Finally, appeared Fortnite Season 9 Birthday challenges. This is the 2nd birthday of Fortnite, where players will receive rewards and eat cakes.

Fortnite Birthday challenges come, oddly enough, every year, and every once in a while developers pamper their players with free items and interesting challenges. If you remember the challenges of the past year, you probably noticed that their essence did not change. We also have to dance in front of cakes and play matches.

For all the Birthday challenges, we will get a great pickaxe with a cake and a candle. A memorable souvenir, what can I say!

In addition to the pickaxe, for each completed birthday challenge, we will receive separate and good rewards: wrap, music, graffiti and emote.

Fortnite’s Season 9 Birthday challenges - Cheat Sheets, Tips, Rewards and more

In second Birthday challenges, we don’t have to do anything just for the sake of another challenge. All tests are independent and await your passing!

Play matches (10)

Nothing is easier and impossible to invent! You just need to play 10 matches and without additional conditions. Even to kill and survive is not necessary – beauty!

To make this challenge as simple as possible, use the technique landed → dead. For example, choose the edge of the map and when landing, head straight to the sea. No one dares to blame you for not playing a certain amount of time!

Well, if you plan to diversify these tests and play in these matches, scrutinize and look for adventures!

As a reward you will get the “Frosted” wrap

"Frosted" wrap

Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes (10)

We need to dance 10 times near each cake. To do this as quickly as possible, use air pipes, ziplines, transportation, and geysers when moving. They will help you quickly find yourself on another part of the map and complete all that is necessary!

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The map of Birthday Cakes 

Dance in front of different Birthday Cakes (10)

Reward: “B-Day Beats” Music Pack

"B-Day Beats" Music Pack

Outlast opponents (500)

You just need to outlast the enemies of 500, so please be patient for the upcoming single games or for their series in the team rumble. If you play single matches, remember about a great strategy – hide in the trees, in the bushes, in secluded places and do not enter into open confrontation.

Reward: “This Many” Spray

 "This Many" Spray 

Gain health or shield from a Birthday Cake (50)

Once there is a cake, it means there are its pieces, also scattered around the map! Their search is easy to disgrace, so let me rant.

Last year, the cakes were on the map, but none of the challenges were associated with them. Everything was limited by the series “play”, “deal”, “dance”. In the same year, the Fortnite’s Season 9 Birthday challenges are full of diversity, and we received one additional task. (I consider this dishonest, because last year the backpack was given for three tests, and this year we are, therefore, almost in the game of slavery!).

The cakes are located near the big cakes, so if you have not completed the challenge with the dance, it’s time to combine the two tasks and get two rewards at once.

The map of Birthday Cakes you can see above.

Reward: “Birthday Cupcake” Spray

"Birthday Cupcake" Spray


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