Fortnite short movie “ShortNite” in Party Royale

Have you played Party Royale a long while ago? Probably yes, because performers rarely delight us with their presence, we don’t even remember who was the last one. And this game mode just has nothing to do in it.

Fortnite short movie "ShortNite" in Party Royale

Sometimes Fortnite shows upcoming movies trailers or sometimes even a movie instead of musicians preforming, but this time there’s almost no information besides the poster which has info and the «ShortNite» title written on it.


If you believe the guesses, then Party Royale will be showing a series of short movies on February 20-21. The content and duration are unknown (besides the word “shorts”, of course), but since it will be on the weekend, we can just wait and see it ourselves.

By the way, an official announcement has also been released, so the whole event is confirmed.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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