Fortnite signed a multi-year contract with Hasbro

Did you know that you can buy weapons from Fortnite in real life? No, not the ones which you thought about, but the ones that can shoot with foam darts.

A popular series of toy Nerf guns had a really good arsenal in two years of collaboration with Epic Games and Fortnite. Starting with a Scar, a Tactical Shotgun and some pistols and ending with a giant rocket launcher with foam rockets. But this is not the end – we also need a minigun.

Hasbro signed a 5-year contract with Epic Games. In fact, this is an extension of the previous 2-year trademark contract.

And now soon we will get more priceless Nerf guns, and also a Fortnite edition of Monopoly.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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