Fortnite Valentines Day Event, Dark Love Ranger Skin Leak

Rumors and information from fortnite datamineers suggest that Epic Games will probably release the dark version of the Love Ranger skin, as well as daily trials. It is expected that the event and the skin will appear in Fortnite on February 14 – on Valentine’s Day.

As the file name suggests, the Dark Love Ranger will be a skin, not an additional style, as it was with the Skull Trooper.

Leaks also suggest that there will be daily tests that will last from 4 to 6 days. For completing the tests, we will get decorations for the new skin. And the cupid skin will obviously be sold in the store.

At the moment there are no images of the skin and all that you see on YouTube and other sources – this is just the concept of the user Shwubblz.

It is expected that the skin will be added on February 12 along with update 7.40, but as you know, this is not accurate. Stay tuned for Fortnite news to keep up with all events.


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