Fortnitemares Challenge Part 1- Guides

Note: these challenges are performed only in the battle royal modes. It is better to play with a partner or in a squad (duos, squads), so that the allies warn you about enemies nearby and you can avoid skirmishes or, conversely, can pay opponents in his own coin.

Visit a Corrupted Area in Different Matches (7)

The corrupted areas have not changed since the beginning of the season and are visible on the map without markers:

You just need to visit each game a new nightmarish area.

Fortnitemares Challenge Part 1- Guides

Destroy Cube Monsters (200)

These monsters appear in the corrupted areas (sometimes near the area) when you try to approach the purple cube. They are extremely tall and visible from afar. The cube will spawn zombies whenever you get close to it (you will see an example in the video below). All you have to do is kill 200 of them.

This challenge can take a long time, so please be patient. Know that:

  • Ammunition, weapons, shields, first-aid kits are dropped from zombies.
  • For each killing of a zombie you get several shield units.
  • You need to shoot a zombie in the head, not in his body. Compliance with this item will save you a lot of ammunition and, possibly, health.

Deal damage with Assault Rifles/Pistols to Cube Monsters (5000)

Here you need to find machine assault rifles or pistols, go up to the cube in the corrupted area and shoot 5,000 damage.

Dance in Front of Different Gargoyles (5)

All you need to do is to find gargoyles and dance before them any dance. Gargoyles look like this and make a specific sound when you approach them:

Fortnitemares Challenge Part 1- Guides

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