Free Guy Challenges with “Good Guy” free emote – guide

On Thursday, the Free Guy challenges came out in Fortnite, and if you complete them, you’ll get the Good Guy emote for free. I haven’t watched this movie, and I’m unlikely to watch it, but its fans would probably be glad to get a free emote with a line from the movie.

To complete these challenges and get the emote, you need to search for ATMs on the island. These devices will give you challenges. Therefore, without these ATMs, you won’t be able to get a free emote.

You need to land at an ATM every time if you plan to take a challenge. These ATMs can be found at some gas stations and locations.

There are 6 challenges in this series. Basically for completing you need to be victims: get hit by a vehicle, take damage, in general, everything is clear. We even place money around the map instead of taking it. The only positive challenges are Reboot or revive teammates or Interact with campfires. If you complete 5 out of 6 challenges, you’ll get the “Good Guy” emote for free. Also, for completing every challenge, you’ll get 200 gold bars. By the way, you can’t choose the challenges.

Like dataminers say, these challenges will be available until September 6. There is a lot of time to complete! Actually, challenges are strange, so here’s a brief explanation.

Get hit by moving vehicle

The first challenge from this series is not easy, because now you rarely find any players in vehicles. Given recent events, players give preference to UFOs and Inflate-a-Bull. But as there are challenges with cars among the epic and rare challenges, you may be lucky.

The most logical way to complete this challenge is to be hit by another player in a vehicle.

Also, you can complete this challenge with a friend. Invite your friend with you and ask them to run you over with a car. It seems that this is the easiest variant, because searching for an enemy player who wants to run over you is hard.

Take melee damage

To complete this challenge, take damage from an enemy near you. To provoke the player to hit you from a close distance, start a mess at the beginning of the match. Jump out of the battle bus with other players and follow one of them. When you land, start hitting this player with a pickaxe to make them damage you.

Place coins around the map

To place coins, land at the specified locations and wait for the interaction button. This way, a coin will appear on the road, and the challenge will be completed.

By the way, these coins do look like coins, but also are blue and translucent.

Talk with any NPC

It’s easy to talk with an NPC – the map with all NPCs is already on your screen. Land at any NPC which is not marked red, press the interact button and talk with them.

Bosses are marked in red, therefore you shouldn’t go to them. Also, don’t land at Beastboy, Superman or Batman, because some players are trying to complete the Superman challenges.

Reboot or revive teammates, or interact with campfires

This challenge is easy to complete by interacting with a campfire. Land at a place with a campfire, activate it, and the challenge will be completed.

If you don’t like campfires and would like to revive your teammate instead, knock them out somehow (by falling from a high building, for example) and revive them using the interaction key or the resurrection van.

Use Free Guy emote near opponent

After all the Free Guy Fortnite challenges you’ve completed, the only thing left for you to do is use your new Good Guy emote near an opponent. That’s easy – choose the emote in the locker, land at a popular location, go to an enemy and use the emote.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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