How To Get FREE V-BUCKS in Fortnite

How To Get FREE V-BUCKS in Fortnite

V-bucks – in-game currency in Fortnite, created to purchase game items. There are several ways to get V-bucks, which we will tell you in this article.

Farm V-bucks in PVE

The easiest way to get V-Bucks for free is to farm them in the “Save the World” mode. Yes, you have to spend money on the basic version of the game, but it quickly pays off.

First we need to purchase the full version of the game. Now it costs 39 $, but Epic Games often makes a discount and you can buy the Battle with the Storm for 19 ~ 25 $.

How To Get FREE V-BUCKS in Fortnite

And now we will list what you can get V-Bucks for free in the PVE mode:

V-bucks for daily quests

Every day you are given one daily task, which, on average, is carried out in 1-2 game missions (15-30 minutes of play). The reward for completing this task ranges from 50 V-bucks, to 75 (a rare case when they are asked to complete 3 missions in a given region of the game).

How To Get FREE V-BUCKS in Fortnite

Thus, for the month of the game in PVE, you are guaranteed to get 1500 V-bucks.

V-bucks for daily rewards

You are not ready to buy PVE mode? Then read on, for each entry into the game you will be given rewards and once a week it will be V-Bucks. 3 times a month they give out 150 V-bucks and one time 300. When large dates can give 500 or 800 V-bucks, but even if we assume at a minimum, we get 750 V-bucks just for entering the PVE mode.

How To Get FREE V-BUCKS in Fortnite

Repeatable quests

In parallel with the daily tasks, you are given tests that are updated as they pass. Very often, by completing daily tasks, you can pass repeated tests and receive even more V-Bucks for one mission. For tests give from 50 to 100 V-Bucks. The average number of active tests 3-5, but may be more.

How To Get FREE V-BUCKS in Fortnite

Alas, after some time you complete all steps, but before they are completed you will receive another 1500-2000 V-Bucks.

V-bucks for the defense of the shield

In PVE mode there are bases (Shields) that need to be protected in order to advance through the plot. In total, the game has 4 shields and each has 10 levels of protection.

How To Get FREE V-BUCKS in Fortnite

For each level, you get 100 V-Bucks. It turns out that theoretically, we can get another 4000 V-Bucks.

Random reward missions

Sometimes on the map there are missions for the passage of which give from 25 to 40 V-bucks. They can be from 0 to 3 and such missions do not allocate in any way, but they are updated every 5 hours.

Buying V-bucks at Fortnite Store

If you urgently need v-bucks and you do not want to spend your time on their farm, the only way out is to buy packs in the official store.

Current prices:

  • 600 V-bucks + skin (starter pack)- 4.99 $
  • 1000 V-bucks -9.99 $
  • 2,800 V-Bucks – 24.99 $
  • 7,500 V-Bucks – 59.99 $
  • 13,500 V-Bucks – 99.99 $

Prices are not cheap, but you will get V-Bucks instantly and get the desired skin.

How To Get FREE V-BUCKS in Fortnite



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