Where to find Upgrade Benches on the Chapter 3 Fortnite map?

Upgrade benches are not really popular, but nevertheless, they can be quite useful. You can use them to upgrade your gun’s rarity using gold bars, but the prices are higher than you want them to be. It is more beneficial to just buy a weapon from a vending machine or get it from an enemy. If I recall it right, an upgrade from Uncommon to Rare will cost you 300 gold bars. You can buy something else for that money. But there might be some other reasons why you’d want to find upgrade benches, but since the map has changed in Chapter 3 of Fortnite, it can be hard.

Where to find Upgrade Benches on the Chapter 3 Fortnite map?

First, let’s find out where the upgrade benches are located. Most of them are placed in the southern part of the map: at Chonkers Speedway, Condo Canyon, Greasy Grove. There are less of them in the northern part, but they can still be found at Logjam Lumberyard, Sleepy Sound and Creamy Crossroads.

Here’s a map with all the upgrade benches in Chapter 3 Season 1 (via fortnite.gg):

To upgrade your weapon, just select it, come to an upgrade bench, interact with it and confirm the purchase. Perhaps, even one upgrade bench will be enough to take all of your gold.


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