How to get Ruby Shadows for free? – Street Shadows Fortnite challenge pack

Today, the long-awaited Ruby Shadows bundle finally came to the item shop in Fortnite and is available for $0. Yes, it is completely free, and it is already available for you to claim it. However, there’s still a bad thing about this whole situation – the bundle is only available for PC players and possibly for mobile players.

To get the skins, you need to launch Fortnite on PC, select Battle Royale, go to the Item Shop tab, scroll down and click the Street Shadows challenge pack.

How to get Ruby Shadows for free? - Street Shadows Fortnite challenge pack

Then, click the Purchase button and wait for the order to load. It might take some time, so don’t panic and be ready to wait. After you get the pack, there will be a special window showing that you just got it.

Once you get the pack, don’t rush to your locker to equip the new cosmetics – you haven’t unlocked them yet. To get all the items from the bundle, you need to complete some challenges first. These challenges are located in the Event Quests tab.

How to get Ruby Shadows for free? - Street Shadows Fortnite challenge pack

Play with friends

You need to play 5 matches with at least 1 friend in your team. You don’t even need to finish the matches – just start the game, wait for the Battle Bus to start its flight and quit the game. You need to do so 5 times. You can also use your own accounts if you have more than just one.

Outlast opponents

The second challenge is outlasting opponents. You just need to live as long as you can. Try not to fight with anyone and stay as safe as you can. Placing at top 25 means that you’ve outlasted around 70 people, so the challenge isn’t really that hard – you just need some time.

Deal damage to opponents

The third challenge is about dealing damage to opponents. I don’t think you need my help with this one. And if you need, try to play Team Rumble while completing this challenge. Damagins bosses also counts, so it’s another option you might choose.

You need to deal 1000 damage, which is quite a lot, but it will be an easy task considering that you will get a whole cosmetics bundle for that.

After you complete all the challenges, you will get all the Ruby Shadows items and your Fortnite locker will look much nicer with such an outfit.


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