Travel while having icy feet – Winterfest 2021 challenge

Winterfest 2021 challenges are still going on, and today’s one will once again make us search for something. To travel some distance while having icy feet, you will need a Chiller Grenade, which, fortunately, is much more common than the Snowball launcher.

Travel while having icy feet - Winterfest 2021 challenge

Before you can traver having icy feet, you need something to make your feet icy. The icy grenade will do – it looks like a snowman’s head, and you can find it both in chests or lying on the ground. Usually, 5-10 chests are enough to find one, but this depends on your luck. Just try to open as many chests as you can until you find one.

Once you find the grenade, go outside, build a corner to hold the grenade, throw it and wait for it to freeze your legs. It won’t deal any damage, but it will freeze your legs and make you fast and clumsy.

You need to travel 200 meters while having icy feet.

The reward for completing this challenge is some XP. The order of rewards is listed HERE.


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