How to get the Verve emote for free in Fortnite

Lately we’re not getting a lot of free stuff or event challenges. Even Fortnite’s birthday didn’t get a special event or a challenge pack. But recently news appeared, saying that you’ll be able to get the Verve emote for free, which is definitely better than nothing.

The free Verve emote is available to get just by logging into the game. Just log into Fortnite from July 27 8pm ET to July 29 8pm ET to receive the Verve emote for free.


The giveaway is timed to the “We The People” event.

The event will take place in Party Royale at the Big Screen. After the first show the interview series will be streamed to Party Royale for many more times, each hour for 22 hours straight, so you’ll have plenty of time to get the free emote. Also, the official site doesn’t give clear instructions on how to get the emote itself, so if you didn’t get it right after logging into the game, try to play Party Royale and watch the event.

If you don’t remember one of the previous Party Royale’s events, you can read about Diplo’s concert in Party Royale.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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