Rift Zones are coming back to Fortnite map

Each Fortnite season is unique in its own way – each one has new mechanics, weapons, skins, and, most importantly, map changes. The map is always different. Some new locations, points of interest or just little Easter eggs from the developers are constantly appearing here and there.

Season 10 (X) probably has the most map changes. The amount of locations back then was almost crazy. Besides big locations, there also were Rift Zones, which appeared each week and changed a spot somewhere on the map of Fortnite.

And some days ago a popular data miner HYPEX said that Epic decided to return some of the craziness of Chapter 1. However, Rift Zones won’t appear by themselves anymore. Instead, the Mothership is going to create these zones with a special beam.

Below are the effects of such zones:

  • Low gravity
  • Prop Disguise
  • Rifts
  • Ice Sliding

The exact spot where such zones will appear is unknown, but they should appear in the order above. The time when they do still remains unknown, so all we can do is wait until the Rift Zones finally come back to Fortnite.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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