How to Increase FPS in Fortnite Battle Royale

FPS in Fortnite Battle Royale can be increased by various means. Each of them is designed to optimize not only the game, but your computer as a whole.

FPS (Frames per Second) has a great influence on Fortnite and perception of the environment, therefore it is pleasant for the eyes and nerves to have a high FPS. It affects the inhibition or normal operation of graphics in the game, that is, if your video card is old, some games will slow down or there will be a significant delay in framing the image on the monitor. This is very important for dynamic games such as Fortnite.

In many games, FPS is shown automatically; you can set this setting in Fortnite absolutely free in section “Video“.

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To increase the FPS in fortnite, you should use the tips below. Just remember, all these methods will be carried out by you at your own peril and risk. They cannot specifically change your system or affect the data, but who warned, is armed.

How to set up a PC for Fortnite Battle Royale

There are several ways to increase FPS if your hardware meets the requirements. You can find the minimum and recommended system requirements for the game on our website. It should be understood that if the parameters are approximately at the minimum level, then the graphics settings should be set to the minimum. To help raise the FPS can also be the setting of the computer itself. If the game lags on a powerful PC, then you can help update DirectX and video card drivers. Also make sure that the temperature of the processor and the video card is at the rate set by the manufacturer.

Recommended settings:

How to Increase FPS

Scr02.7 28 2019 - How to Increase FPS in Fortnite Battle RoyaleDo you have at your disposal only a weak PC for work and study, but do you still want to play? You have a chance! Fortnite is undemanding to resources, and some soft will help you get closer to the cherished 50 fps.

  • Make sure that all the steps above are completed.
  • Close all programs hanging in the tray – this is especially true for a PC with a small amount of RAM.
  • Take care that the browser and any other programs are also closed.
  • You can lower both the screen resolution (this will greatly increase the FPS) and the 3D resolution. The picture at the same time really lose much beauty.

Do not expect a miracle – Fortnite can boast of initially good optimization – if you have 10 FPS on a weak PC, then it is unlikely to play normally.

Software for PC optimization Fortnite

Some increase FPS can be achieved with the following programs:

These programs are completely free and require only your download to optimize your PC for play Fortnite.

Setting Parameters in NVIDIA Profile Inspector

Significantly increase the FPS in the game, you can use this software. First you need to run the application using the administrator rights. Of all the parameters in the window that opens, select Driver Version. Near the name of the video adapter used is a special icon with the settings. By selecting it, you can get to the Profile.

In this window, you need to set the path to the game of interest that needs to be optimized, in our case this is Fortnite Royal Battle. Important! From the root folder of the game, you must select the .exe file! In the upper right corner is the “Apply Changes” button. With it, you can save all changes that the user makes.

You need to choose the path to this game, and then save all changes. It is necessary to find among the entire list the item “Threaded optimization”. There are several modes at once. You need to click on “OGL THREAD CONTROL IGNORE GET ERROR”. In the table that appears next, you need to click on “Shim rendering mode Options per application Optimus”, and select “SHIM RENDERING OPTIONS DEFAULT RENDERING MODE” from the list.

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After completing each of the above steps, you need to open the Nvidia settings. Using the special tab “3D Settings“, select the “Management” section. Software for tuning and optimization is in this list. Here you should also find a game that has been configured in the Profile Nvidia Inspector.

General optimization tips

If after carrying out all these actions there are no results, the Battle Royale still slows down, and the FPS remains at the same level or sags, you can try to download the game again or update the drivers for the video card. Often, after that the number of frames per second can increase significantly. You must install the latest versions of DirectX, Microsoft Visual C ++ 2010, and the Microsoft Net framework.

Make sure that Windows does not require an update. This procedure allows you to update a large number of libraries, some applications, individual components, etc. To do this manually is extremely difficult and not very convenient. The automatic update service will do it all for the user.

You can also download and install the official patch. After updating the game, you can avoid most of the problems (including low FPS).


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