Fortnite Ice-cream Healing Object Locations

In the game Fortnite there are a huge number of healing object that increase the stock of health or shield. Among them, the players always have favorites or those that the players almost do not pay attention and especially do not search purposefully. The first type of objects can be attributed to all the beloved apples and Ice-cream, and the second coconuts.

Fortnite Screenshot 2019.07.16 800x563 - Fortnite Ice-cream Healing Object Locations

Fortnite ice-cream healing object located on an island in strictly defined places, without knowing which, you can never see the subject. Ice-creams, as well as other healing object, replenish 5hp. They appeared on the map in normal modes on July 2, 2019, and are not yet in high demand.

Fortnite Ice cream Healing Object Locations - Fortnite Ice-cream Healing Object Locations

As you can see, they are located only in Mega Mall and are in stacks of several pieces. To use them and improve your level of health, you need to clamp “E” next to them.


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