Launch toilets with the Grab-itron – Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 week 9 challenge

The Grab-itron is a new weapon which was added to Fortnite recently, but already is an item that you need to launch toilets with. You don’t usually shoot with toilets, do you? In general, seems like the joke with flying objects from the developers is just what we need, and therefore it’s time to go to the locations with toilets and let launch them into the sky.

At first, let’s figure out where we can find this weapon. You can find Grab-itrons in chests, on top of Abductors and inside the mothership. Therefore, to complete this challenge, you need to search a lot of chests on the island and on top of Abductors or get inside a mothership. But because there are no Abductors in the game at the moment, you can only open chests. A lot of chests. Before I found a Grab-itron, I played two games and opened approximately 20 chests, so it depends on your luck. There is no place where it’s exactly located.


To get inside the Mothership, get into an Abductor’s beam, and then collect as many spheres to get some loot.  Once you get to the loot room, open as many chests as you can to find a Grab-itron.

When you find the Grab-itron, go to bathroom stalls. You won’t be able to grab the blue stalls, therefore go to the nearest toilets and look for faience thrones there. I was looking for a Grab-itron on the beach, and I also found toilets there. Obviously, toilets can be found in other locations too, you just need to run around houses with this weapon and look for toilets.

If you need to complete this challenge fast, you can land at Flushed Factory, there are a lot of toilets there. But will you find the Grab-itron there is a big question.

When you find a toilet, press the left mouse button, and then the right button to aim. After that, press the left button again to launch the toilet with your Grab-itron, and repeat it until you feel like you’ve launched enough toilets.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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