New Fortnite leak reveals Reverse Gun Game LTM

Judging by the latest plums, a mode will appear in the fortnite that will be similar to GunGame, but the weapon will be issued from the strongest to the weakest.

Gun Game is a popular mode that is familiar to all players of CS: GO and other FPS games. All players on the server start the game with the same weapon, but after a certain number of murders they get a new weapon, usually more powerful. When a player commits a kill from every weapon available in the mode – he wins.

In fortnite, this mode will go in the opposite direction, you will start with powerful weapons (at the moment it is not known what kind of weapons it will be) and move on to the worst. Unfortunately, judging by the preliminary plums, Epic Games has not brought any innovations to this mode, but perhaps this is for the better.

Little information, but based on this drain we can understand the following:

  • The mode will be called Reverse Gungame (Reverse Gun Game)
  • The game will have 20 people, which is quite unusual for fortnite modes.
  • For the mode, a piece of the map will be allocated, or a separate arena will be used (possibly Block)

In fact, the most important thing about this LTM is that Epic Games have finally begun to realize that they need more activity to compete with new and old games.



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