Fortnite Monarch skin: battle pass levels and additional rewards

You can never have too many skins in Fortnite. It’s true that any player or even an innocent bystander can find the very skin that can be used for years. Diversity of outfits really impress: toon skins, skins of popular characters, brutal and cute skins, various skins from different eras, and also a whole pack of variations of all this.

Speaking about the latter, iFireMonkey shared an image of the new bundle, which includes challenges with 28 levels of BP and additional rewards. This skin is the new Dream — the Monarch skin.

As I’ve already mentioned, a series of challenges come with the skin, for these challenges you can get (conditionally) free rewards and battle pass levels. According to preliminary data, the skin will be sold for V-bucks.

What you can get for completing challenges:

  • 28 levels of battle pass (for completing all 28 challenges);
  • Shattered Wings Back Bling (for completing 7 challenges, available in first week);
  • Monarch’s Glow Wrap (for completing 14 challenges, available in second week (since February 24));
  • Golden Style of the Shattered Wings Back Bling (for completing 21 challenges, available in third week (since March 3));
  • Golden Style of the Monarch Outfit (for completing 28 challenges, available in fourth (since March 10)).

The principle is as follows: you buy a skin and a series of challenges with it. The challenges will be opened consistently, week by week. Therefore, the weeks mentioned earlier indicate an appearance schedule of these challenges and rewards.

Monarch quests

Level Up Quests can be found in the “Quests” page in their own category. Quests from Monarch’s Level Up Quest Pack will be in the “Monarch” category.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

The bundle will be available from February 16 to March 19 for 1200 V-Bucks and will include a series of challenges, for which you can get new styles and XP.


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