Observer mode potentially coming to Fortnite

The newly discovered files and the in-game bug seem to point to a new spectator function that potentially coming to Fortnite Royal Battle.

Many players had crashes in the interface, which led to the appearance of the “Join as Player” button.

joinasplayer 1024x768 300x225 - Observer mode potentially coming to Fortnite

Datamineers found a link between this button and SpectateButton, which was previously found in the game. Most likely, this is a new feature that will allow you to watch the match in which you were not originally present as a player.

spectatebutton 300x124 - Observer mode potentially coming to Fortnite

Some players have suggested that this feature will allow you to load into the match as a “ghost” and watch the game. However, we believe this feature will be implemented for the Fortnite World Cup tournament (or the Secret Skirmish tournament) and it will allow each player in the “commentator” mode to watch the match.

And what do you think about this feature?


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