Reboot Rally Fortnite event: free glider, pickaxe, wrap and emoticon

Chapter 3 Season 4 has just started, and Fortnite developers already have some gifts for the players in the Reboot Rally event (also known as Reboot a Friend). This time it’s a glider, a pickaxe, a wrap and an emoticon.

Reboot Rally Fortnite event: free glider, pickaxe, wrap and emoticon

To get the rewards from the Reboot Rally promo action, you need to invite an eligible friend. You can both invite new players (even your own accounts) or players that have played the game for less than 2 hours in during the last 2 months.

This time, you don’t even need a website. Just open the game and go to the friends tab. In the top left part, you’ll see a big window telling you to bring your friends back to the game. That’s what you need to click.


You will see a list of eligible friends that you can invite. Choose the friends you want to bring back, click the Rally ‘Em Back button in their profiles and get an emoticon. Then, the game will open a special window with a QR code that you need to either click or scan with a mobile device to go to the Reboot Rally website (a page on the official Fortnite site). It’s not used for everything like before, it just contains a link that you need to send to your friends:


Once they are in the game, bring them to complete the challenges. All the challenges are in a separate section in the game’s challenge menu.

Every reward needs you to get a certain amount of special points: 50 for the emoticon, 100 for the wrap, 150 for the pickaxe and 200 for the glider.

These numbers are actually easy to achieve: you get from 5 to 30 points for different challenges, so playing for a few days should be enough to get the rewards.


haha keyboard go brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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