Search for books on explosions | Fortnite Season 17 Week 12 Legendary Challenge

Search for books on explosions is the Fortnite Season 17 Week 12 Legendary Challenge.

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Explode is a whole art, it’s not for nothing that there are so many books on explosions in Fortnite. And, believe me, there are a lot of them. For demonstration, I will show only two locations, since books, as in a library, and it is not possible to make a map for absolutely all points.

One of the least popular books on explosions locations is the Steamy Stacks. The book is there in the hall where the negotiations are being recorded. Go to the seats and look for a book with a glow there. The second book in this area is in the orange block near the fire extinguisher and cabinet.

Another location with books is the Catty Corner. There are books near the garbage, after all, it’s not for a cat to read them. The first is located near the gas station building, next to the entrance. And the second one is near the van on the territory of the plant. Since the books are on the street, they are very easy to find.

After interacting with the 2 books, the ‘Search for books on explosions’ challenge will end.


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